Fairfax City residents I am thrilled to announce that I have received the endorsements of two current City Council Members:

Michael DeMarco: “We need a leader who is collaborative but deliberative. We need someone who is able to negotiate a hybrid solution that is typically the best solution versus the extreme solution. We need a consensus builder who can help us find win-win solutions for the community. We need someone who is hard working, willing to roll up their sleeves and best able to effectively utilize the resources available to us. In this election that person is Mark Angres.”

Jennifer Passey: As a Councilmember, I have worked with Mark as a member of our Planning Commission. He dives deep into the issues facing our City and looks to find the common ground that serves the needs of our residents first. Most importantly, he is a consensus builder who will serve us well as our mayor and a representative throughout the region.”

A Vision for Fairfax

Fairfax City is an amazing place to live, grow, and raise a family. Together, we form a strong community and share our visions of the future and all thrive together. But I believe we can do better. 


We can educate better, by providing preschool to all four-year-olds. 


We can plan better by supporting local business and developing strategically in our commercial centers, including the historic downtown, by encouraging vibrancy, walkability, and a sense of place. This will help create a less auto-centric environment and with the right approach ease congestion on our roads.


We can form better and more enduring partnerships, with our neighbors, business partners, and George Mason University.


We can better meet the needs of all City residents, by maintaining and encouraging City policy to address the high cost of housing for residents of all ages and backgrounds.

I ask for your support on May 19, 2020 to help achieve these goals!